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A beautiful carpet stuns us with its glamour and beauty. Carpet Repair Mornington backs up every carpet repair job. Our thorough vetting process ensures that you are in safe and skilled hands who will leave you with no option of dissatisfaction.

Contact our office on 04 8881 1269 and we will quickly send our carpet repair team to your office or home. We offer a very affordable service and are even avail for the same day service. 

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Our Exceptional Carpet Repair Services In Mornington

  • Water Damaged Carpet Repair –

    if you see any damages on your carpet, you can reach out to us anytime. Excess water will be removed from the carpet by shampooing, vacuuming, drying it to the core leaving no mildew. Do you know what mildew is? It is a thin whitish coating consisting of minute fungal hyphae, growing on any damp organic material. The full-proof way of saving it from any such mishappenings is calling in a pro. As long as the damaged area isn’t too large you have a chance to save time and expense of replacing it with a new one.
  • Carpet Seam Repair –

    Carpets can be of many types as olefin carpet, wool carpet, polyester carpet, acrylic carpet, nylon carpet, and many more. These carpets can be differentiated by different knitting patterns, dyes, and fabrication. The best way to maintain them is to keep them away from sharp objects and protect them from stains and spills. But, do you think it is actually possible to always keep the spots at bay? The answer would be a “Big No”. Our experts at Mornington, understand all the setbacks and the problems your carpet can encounter. This is why it becomes necessary to opt for a professional carpet cleaning service provider. Technicians make use of the right equipment and procedure so as to make your carpet as good as a new one.
  • Carpet Stretching and Re-Stretching –

    The carpet should be affixed to the edges with tack strips, these strips hold the carpet in place. If you see any uplift or wrinkles in the carpet, you have to stretch them. You need to carefully observe that your carpet needs stretching or not. There may be cuts or any other kind of damage that could cause loosening or folding of carpet. You need to watch out for edges. you can re-stretch lumpy and loose carpet in a single day. seaming, layout, and hauling are best handled by our professionals when you compare the price of the new pad and carpet, our service would seem more affordable.
  • Pet Damaged Carpet Repair –

    Pets generally scratch the carpets and as the owner, you need to be prepared for these accidents to happen. You may forget your beloved but your carpet won’t. Maybe your pet decided to use your carpet as their scratching post and in turn, it gave your carpet a worn-out experience that calls out for patching and fixing. You don’t need to replace the carpet for such a small thing. You just need to call us to get your carpet repaired gently.
  • Carpet Dyeing Mornington –

    At Carpet Repair Mornington, we provide you with a cost-effective alternative to replacing your old carpet with a new one, carpet dyeing is one of the most explicit ways to give your carpet a commendable facelift and enjoy its company for more years in the future. We are pleased to include this service in our protocol. In dyeing, process filament is impregnated with the colour pigment all the way through. It comes out to be the best solution for giving your carpet a look brand new. Carpet dyeing professionals are able to apply a new colour to the fibres so as to cover all the blemishes to match the pre-existing shade.
  • Carpet Burn Repair Mornington –

    What can you do when your carpeting is damaged by a cigarette or other burns? Actually, with a little patience, you can look out for professionals to repair the carpet. Sometimes after working people do forget where the burnt mark is as we do the work so flawlessly. You can even give us the carpet left over after installation to match it exactly. For more than a decade, Carpet Repair Mornington has been servicing both residential as well as residential properties. The only feeling you have in the end is that the carpet looks great!

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