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Excellent Upholstery Cleaning Service in Mornington

Upholstery fabric is delicate and soft, which can be easily invaded by dust, dirt, soil, and stains. To value the money invested, you should keep it clean and hygienic. Cleaning it up by trained people does not cause any harm or damage to its texture. We give an honest assessment like no other.

Our adept team of professionals promises a well-satisfied service to keep your touch with us in the future as well. Upholstery Cleaning Mornington is one of the best cleaning service companies in town to remain well versed with the latest technology and types of equipment. We work on every aspect, such as cleaning, removing allergens, dust particles, and filthy odour caused by stains and spill accidents.

Our service renders a new look to your sofa with a seamless texture along with disinfecting the areas which are out of reach in day to day cleaning. Dial us on 04 8881 1269 for the best in class services.

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    Upholstery Cleaning Services

    All Types of Upholstery Cleaning

    We have experienced and highly qualified staff to provide the best in class service. They provide you with preventive tips when you come across these hazardous situations so that you don’t face the same situations for a longer period.

    • Recliner Sofa Cleaning
    • L-shaped Sectional Sofas Steam Cleaning
    • U-Shaped Sofas Cleaning
    • Chesterfield Lounge Cleaning
    • Lawson Sofa Fabric Cleaning
    • Sectional Sofa Steam Cleaning
    • Cotton, Linen, Faux feather, Microfiber and polyester Cleaning

    Advantages of Choosing Us Over Others in Mornington

    Our team at Upholstery Cleaning Mornington inspects the quality of fibre, tags attached to your furniture to get the exact idea of the way it has to be taken care of, and the amount of dirt piled up on the surface and below it. The soiling is much more below the surface, then we can even think. We don’t use the common methods for every upholstery, as each one of them is designed uniquely. You think you can do it on your own, but that’s not the thing, daily basis cleaning differs big-time from a professional cleaning. It requires much more care then it appears to be. You think you can do it just like this by seeing various videos available throughout the web, but it’s not that easy. You need upholstery cleaning done by technicians at least once a year. Give us a chance to become a cleaning partner of yours!

    Couch Steam Cleaning Services

    Couch Steam Cleaning Services

    Maintaining a top-notch couch can be a headache when the whole cleaning process is foreign to you. Moreover, if it is of premium quality leather, then one wrong step is enough to ruin it. So, get the best couch steams cleaning services in Mornington, and save you from miseries. Carpet Steam Cleaning Mornington is the best service provider in this field. Therefore, contact us right away and avail of our diligent services.

    Couch Stain Removal Services

    Couch Stain Removal Services

    Couch Stain removal service is another popular service by us. We have the best professionals for removing any stain from your leather couch. Moreover, we know that each type of sofa requires special attention. Therefore, we send the expert cleaners who have sufficient knowledge regarding the same. Therefore, if you are looking for expert couch cleaners in Mornington, contact us immediately.

    Upholstery Scotchgard Protection

    Upholstery Scotchgard Protection

    Maintaining a high-quality leather couch is disturbing. Therefore, most people incorporate Scotchgard protection in their upholstery. A Scotchgard protection over your furniture and sofa can minimize your regular cleaning to 50%. Keeping this facility in mind, we are providing Scotchgard protection after a thorough clean-up. Therefore, if you are still new about it, contact us and use our upholstery Scotchgard protection services.

    Our couch cleaning process

    Our couch cleaning process

    Our couch cleaning process at Upholstery Cleaning Mornington is detailed and thoroughly designed. So, we ensure guaranteed couch cleaning services in Mornington. We offer a preliminary couch inspection, to diagnose the condition and its requirements. Followed by the judgement, we step up for arranging the required equipment for the clean-up process. In case of stain and mould treatment, we start by washing the stain. Otherwise, it will end up ruining the rest of the couch. After the stain removal, we clean the dirt and dust from the couch and give it a complete wash, followed by drying. Lastly, we do an overall inspection before handing you your couch.


    Before, neutralizing the house smell, you need to identify the source. It can be for various reasons. Such as dirt and dust smell, adjacent bathroom smell, leftover food smell, etc. after that based upon the source you can use vinegar, baking soda, room freshener, etc. to remove the odour.

    For cleaning your sofa at home, you need some baking soda, warm water, a few pieces of clean cloth, and a blow dryer or vacuum cleaner. Make a solution of vinegar, warm water, and soap, spray it over the stained area, and rest it for a while. After that, scrub the area with a cloth or soft brush and wipe the foam with a clean cloth. However, if your sofa has an intricate design or deep stain, it is better to call for professional help.

    In a bowl mix a portion of 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide, 3 Tablespoon of baking soda, and a few drops of detergent. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, spray it over the urine spot, and rest it for a while. After that, if the stain persists, repeat the process. Lastly, wipe the area with a damp cloth and vacuum dry. However, if the smell persists, call your local services from upholstery cleaning Mornington.

    Upholstery Cleaning Mornington
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