Water Extraction Mornington

Distinctive Services of Water Extraction in Mornington

Water-damaged carpets can be disturbing but don’t worry Water Extraction Mornington has a wide arena of services to take care of this job in no time. We can restore any flooded carpet which is damaged by leaking faucets, running tap water, clogged drainage, you can just trust us.

Our team of skilled technicians will be at your place to assist you in an emergency. A water-damaged carpet can create a disaster, if not dealt with at the proper time. The water needs to be extracted from the carpet as soon as possible to avoid any panic or stress situation.

A flooded carpet becomes the birthplace of mildew, fungi, moulds, and many other organisms if not dealt with professionally. Give us a call on 04 8881 1269 to get the professional service you deserve.

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    Water Extraction Mornington

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    We have experienced and highly qualified staff to provide the best in class service. They provide you with preventive tips when you come across these hazardous situations so that you don’t face the same situations for a longer period.

    • We check your rugs and carpet professionally
    • We examine the carpet and identify if they ought to be removed to safeguard the floor structure below?
    • Check Rug and Get rid of If Required
    • Check Carpeting and Eliminate If Needed

    We Follow a 4D Process of Damage Restoration:

    Damage Control

    Damage Control

    Whatever damage is caused by flooding to your carpet, our team will first inspect the cause and fix it right there. Once the situation is under control, the secondary process of cleaning starts.

    Damage Clean Up

    Damage Clean-Up

    Flooded carpet is cleaned thoroughly by extracting the excess water through vacuuming, shampooing, and quick-drying procedure.

    Damage Repair

    Damage Repair

    Deodorizing and odour removal comes as a very next step after drying to remove obnoxious odours and make the carpet healthy and user friendly.

    Damage Handling

    Damage Handling

    When we clean the damaged carpet it becomes our sole responsibility to handle you a safe, clean, and sanitized carpet.

    So just give us a call to be in touch and avail of our first-class services!

    Water Extraction Mornington
    Call Us 04 8881 1269 same day Water Extraction in Mornington
    Location: Mornington VIC 3931, Australia

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